Delivering excellence in litigation and claim management for high risk exposures

Ladders and more

Specializing in product liability since 1980

We commit to protecting your company and your products' reputation. We fight for your product with a level of commitment to match your own. We believe in establishing a non-liability defense that begins with a thorough investigation.

No liability, no payment

When there is no liability attributable to your product, we take a firm stance. Should a matter proceed to litigation, we will aggressively defend our "no liability" posture to protect your viability.

Our Philosophy

  • Protect the long-term integrity of the product and company.
  • If no liability, there should be no payment.
  • The client is the real expert in a product liability claim
  • Outsourcing claims management adds value to our clients' businesses.
  • Effectively managing SIR exposure prior to an insurer taking control of a claim

Critical Success Factors

  • Application of proven claims management process to claim.
  • Commitment to knowing claim specifics.
  • Hiring and management of skilled legal, engineering and other professionals.
  • Consistent nationwide litigation strategy
  • Ongoing communication with client

Saving Money

  • Aggressively managing claims and litigation.
  • Obtaining critical information through active and early involvement in claims process.
  • Delivering a properly worked up claim file to insurer upon exhaustion of the SIR.
  • Evaluating and properly monitoring claim expenses and payments.
  • Assisting clients in evaluating risk management and insurance coverage issues.
  • Establishing claim reserves.